Foraging Birds

Can you spot the bird in the photo above? If not, don’t worry, you’re in good company. I noticed sporadic movement on the ground outside my window one afternoon, but couldn’t see what was causing it. It wasn’t like leaves… Continue Reading →

Leek & Asparagus Soup

As the weather got cooler, I began craving soup. I ran across a leek and asparagus recipe on YouTube, but then couldn’t find it again when I wanted it, so I amended a leek soup recipe online. It turned out… Continue Reading →


I was expecting to check out some native plants at a local nursery, and was surprised to see these two chill ladies. Dasher and Blitzen visit Swansons Nursery in Seattle every year for their annual Reindeer Festival. The festival, one… Continue Reading →

Victorian Structure

This interesting stand-alone structure came with my new house. It was built by the previous owner for his wife. I’m told they would have taken it with them but the cost was too high, so he has promised to build… Continue Reading →

Alderwood Manor

The first owner of my new home was the architect. I learned this when we evaluated a series of blueprints piled up in a front closet. The blueprints specifically show the electrical system, but also include structural details and dimensions…. Continue Reading →

Surrounded by Trees

The best feature of my home is it’s surrounded by trees. Every window looks out into greenery. It’s surprising to me this wasn’t wholly apparent in the listing, especially the picturesque living room views. It’s one of my favorite features… Continue Reading →

My New Home

My new home is a 1969 ranch house, architected by the original owner. It sits on almost an acre of bigleaf maples and evergreens that tower above the house. It sits back on the property and over a small ravine,… Continue Reading →

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