Ironwork of France

While in the French countryside, I became fascinated with the beautiful and artistic ironwork displayed in gates, balconies, windows and religious artifacts throughout the towns and villages. I’d like to share with you some of my favorites.

The Gardens of Marqueyssac

The Gardens of Marqueyssac are often referred to as the hanging gardens because they sit on a long plateau that hovers above the Dordogne Valley. This offers visitors panoramic views of the entire valley surrounding it. It is a private… Continue Reading →

Belvès, France

Many towns and villages had street decorations overhead, but the town of Belvès wins for it’s exuberance in this arena. It’s also a pretty little town that sits atop a hill.

Chateau de Castelnaud

Chateau de Castelnaud originated in the 13th century, though it has been reconstructed and built upon throughout the years. Though it changed hands numerous times, it was a formidable stronghold in it’s day. The current heritage site houses a wealth… Continue Reading →

Chateau des Milandes

Chateau des Milandes was built in 1489 by Francois de Caumont, Lord of Castelnaud, whose wife preferred to live in a castle rather than in the feudal fortress of Castelnaud. It became the home of Music Hall icon Josephine Baker… Continue Reading →

Abbey and Cloister of Cadouin

Cadouin is another beautiful historic town. I know, I know… One beaux village after another, does it ever end?!? Well, this one has a cloister. The Abbey of Cadouin dates from around 1115. The cloister, rebuilt in the 15th and… Continue Reading →

Monpazier, France

Monpazier is a small 13th century town that centers around a square filled with boutique shops. Around the periphery of the square are streets that shift from shops to residences as well as the local parish. It’s a bit sleepy,… Continue Reading →

Mi Desmedt, Painter and Etcher

Mi Desmedt is a painter and etcher from Belgium who also has a studio near Saint Cyprien. Susanne, I thought of you the whole time I was here, as well as the other artist’s studio 🙂 Mi (on the right)… Continue Reading →

Guy Wier, Painter

We visited two artist’s studios near Saint Cyprien, Guy Weir and Mi Desmedt. As an artist, I was particularly excited to be able to see the studios they worked in. Every artist has their own flavor of environment and these… Continue Reading →

Sarlat on a Sunny Day

I returned to Sarlat, on a sunny day this time, and caught some great imagery. It was much quieter than on market day and I enjoyed the peace of the afternoon.

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