Surface Design

Introduction to Surface Design and Surface Pattern Design

If you’re unfamiliar with Surface Design, it is the creation of artwork that will be applied to products or environments. This artwork might be a repeating pattern or stand-alone art. And it could be applied to handbags, gift wrap, wallpaper, furniture, mugs, wall art, and more.

Surface Patterns, or seamless repeat patterns, are a subset of Surface Design used for wall coverings, giftwrap, and fabric. I create both stand-alone art and repeating patterns.

Some companies employ in-house designers. Other companies purchase patterns from third parties like me. An independent Surface Designer typically licenses their artwork to a company for either a flat fee or royalties over a specified period of time. For example, a fabric manufacturer might partner with a surface designer to create a collection of prints. The fabric company then pays a royalty per yard of fabric sold that features the artist’s pattern.

A fondness for coastal themes and organic patterns

I find inspiration in many avenues, including the Pacific coast and the Pacific Northwest, interior design and architecture, Scandinavian design, tambour and embroidery, ceramics and stained glass, bookmaking, crystals and minerals, and the list goes on. Color, light play and texture can grab my attention and ignite my imagination, then I’m on a quest to see if I can convey a feeling of something I have fallen in love with. At other times I simply create art intuitively and I’m surprised with the outcome. I find both of these processes immensely enjoyable.

The seaside as well as organic textures and patterns influence a lot of my designs. My style can be clear and cheerful or a bit moody and mysterious, and sometimes you’ll find a hint of fairy. I find tertiary colors, natural textures, and organic shapes and patterns very engaging. The challenge of finding balance between lightness or clarity and interesting details or qualities is something I enjoy honing in on as I develop a concept over multiple pieces. I find that creating a holistic art piece or a seamless pattern to be a very satisfying experience. I enjoy combining and evolving techniques into new arenas, pushing the boundaries of my art while still following the threads of my stylistic preferences.

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For more information on my signature style and how to contact me about art licensing, check out my latest Brand Book.