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Odds and Ends

I’m heading home today. I will miss this place. Its been quite a wonder to experience. I wanted to post some photos–either particular favorites or ones that didn’t make it into previous entries. Enjoy! London Cambridge Kew Gardens Buckfastleigh Buckfast…

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Town of Dartmouth

The town of Dartmouth rests on a hillside facing Kingswear, another quaint town across the River Dart. It boasts a castle and the 1905 Britannia Royal Naval College. It’s colorful buildings paint the hillside and extend past turquoise coves for…

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Dartington Hall

Dartington Hall, just outside the town of Totnes, was built in 1388 and has been running progressive arts programs since sometime around 1926. The buildings as well as the gardens are quite remarkable. I wish I’d had more time to…

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