Exploring Buckfastleigh

As I walked to the train station yesterday, most drivers that passed me on the lane smiled and waved, so did residents outside their homes–if they didn’t actually greet me with a Good morning. A man visiting from elsewhere in England sat next to me on the train to Totnes. He and his late wife came here every year on holiday and he continues the tradition. He said, as much as he loved to travel abroad, she wouldn’t travel anywhere else. We talked all the way to town and he offered to buy me coffee. Very sweet. In town, I spoke to a woman running a dress shop who grew up in the area. She was so excited to hear about my interest in Dartmoor hiking that she spent 20 minutes or so describing where I could go, how to stay safe, and added that if she weren’t working she would take me herself.

There are 4 others staying at the B&B, a young English couple and two ladies visiting from Holland. At breakfast, the two ladies from Holland had a blast teasing me about pinching the last piece of toast and we continued to talk for half an hour. Very nice and interesting women.

I took another walk near my B&B today and noticed the birds here make a very sing-song chatter. It reminds me of Cinderella movies. I just don’t recall birds at home making the same light chitter chatter. The dog in this set is Roxy, who was happily retrieving a stick tossed in the river.

The tiny town of Buckfastleigh has a single street lined with shops. Nearby, I found some interesting looking fowl bathing in the creek.

I also took a walk around the railway station, down a quiet path next to the river.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to be in the countryside. I enjoy the buzz of the city and running around a bit, but I can handle only so much. I have found, as I believe I have in all my travels, that folks in the countryside are so much more pleasant and open than those in congested cities. I feel welcome here, which is a lovely feeling. And yet, I still miss you all. Love and hugs to everyone!

p.s. I actually heard someone say poppycock today, as if it were a completely regular expression. Made me chuckle.

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