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Travel Palettes Refresh

It’s been a year and a half since I made my bijou travel palettes. Today, I updated them based on how my paintings have evolved. I have two metal bijou palettes that hold 12 colors each, so I swapped out…

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Watercolor Lightfastness Testing

I swatched out 3 palettes of mine for testing lightfastness–my Muted Palette, Primary Palette, and a palette consisting of Da Vinci and American Journey watercolors. I think there may be 2 or 3 slightly fugitive colors, but I wanted to…

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Mixing Brown & Purple Watercolors

Inspired by some unique colors I have in colored pencil, I explored various mixes of brown and purple watercolor paints I had on hand. Browns Warm Sepia, Jackson’s Raw Umber, Holbein Sepia, Daniel Smith Purples Quinacridone Purple Blue, Van Gogh…

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Mixed-media Color Swatches

Color swatches
I’m collecting color swatches of colored pencils, acrylic markers, and watercolors to start doing some color studies. It’s a way for me to generate new ideas and explore new color combinations.
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New Watercolor Studio Set-up

Watercolor painting studio set-up

I wasn’t using my studio to paint because I enjoyed being in the living room while painting, so I finally set up a painting studio in the corner of the living room with quality daylight for most of the day…

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