Beaujolais Abstract Watercolor

Beaujolais abstract watercolor
This abstract painting was inspired by the recent pink and brown color mixes I’ve been experimenting with and it’s such a beautiful blend of colors—watercolor, pigmented ink and acrylic ink

Custom Paint Mixes

I created new watercolor paint mixes with the browns and purples I’ve been experimenting with and put them in a mini palette

Mixing Brown & Purple Watercolors

Inspired by some unique colors I have in colored pencil, I explored various mixes of brown and purple watercolor paints I had on hand. Browns Warm Sepia, Jackson’s Raw Umber, Holbein Sepia, Daniel Smith Purples Quinacridone Purple Blue, Van Gogh…

Meadow Watercolor

Meadow abstract landscape watercolor
Another abstract landscape watercolor in the very soft style with acrylic details

Fresh from the Garden

In this bouquet I included mophead hydrangea, oak leaf hydrangea, astrantia, ferns, strawberry greens, meteor shower verbena, shasta daisies, and a spray of pale pink roses.

Heather Abstract III

Heather Abstract III Watercolor
Third in the Heather Abstract series with watercolor, acrylic ink and pigmented ink

Heather Abstract II

Heather II Abstract Watercolor
Another in the Heather Abstract series—watercolor, custom-mixed pigmented ink, acrylic ink

Heather Abstract

Heather Abstract Watercolor
An ethereal abstract exploration from the recent color study with beige, teal, and violet.