Summer Garden Bouquet

The temperature is starting to heat up, reaching into the high 80s, and it hasn’t rained for a couple weeks. My David Austen rose is now pushing beautiful new blooms in pale peach tones and the daisies are taking off.…

Baby Bunny Update

(Note: Some nest images and info are repeated from a previous post) I recently stumbled across a cottontail bunny nest in my backyard. Although I’m used to seeing cottontails skitter through in the spring and summer, this is the first…

May Garden in the Pacific Northwest

May is a spectacular time of year in the Puget Sound area. Because our chilly winters leave the garden quite barren, the burst of life in spring unfolds in striking layers of color and vibrancy. By the beginning of May,…

Spring Blooms & Baby Bunnies

I get really excited this time of year when the seasons shift and warmer temperatures wake up the garden. Understory trees are already leafing out and the towering big leaf maples are dripping with chartreuse blooms. It brings out the…

Midnight Roil Watercolor

Midnight Roil--abstract seascape watercolor with gold highlights

Abstract seascape watercolor with gold highlights Close-ups: Photos showing gold highlights (taken in sunlight):

Solar Ridge Watercolor

Solar Ridge--abstract landscape watercolor

Abstract landscape watercolor with gold highlights. Close-ups (from scan): Photos showing gold highlights:

Fickle Weather, Coyote & Poppy Seeds

The last few days have brought uncommon variety in the weather. We’ve had off-and-on rain for weeks. Then, a few days ago, I woke up to a thick fog. Yesterday morning it hailed, the small ice pebbles clicking away on…

Solar Summit Watercolor

Solar Summit--abstract landscape watercolor

Abstract landscape watercolor with gold highlights. Close-ups: Photos showing gold highlights:

Transpiration Watercolor

Transpiration--abstract landscape watercolor

Abstract landscape watercolor with subtle gold highlights. Transpiration is the expression of moisture from plants. This painting makes me think of the heat of the sun evaporating moisture and coating the lush landscape in humidity. Close-ups: You can catch subtle…

African Violet Cuttings Update

Just after my cat passed away last fall, I repotted all of my houseplants as a sort of soothing exercise while processing his death. It did wonders. My cat Nicholas had a habit of treating some of the houseplants as…

Promise Watercolor

Promise--abstract landscape watercolor with custom-mixed pigmented ink details

Abstract landscape watercolor with custom-mixed pigment ink details. Close-ups: Photos of gold reflections: