Mountain Sunset Watercolor

Mountain Sunset abstract landscape watercolor
Mountain Sunset watercolor, pigmented inks, and white acrylic ink--a new addition to the Horizon series

Delta Sunrise Watercolor

Delta Sunrise abstract landscape watercolor
It's been a few weeks since I've painted and it felt really good to sit down and create this piece. Delta Sunrise abstract landscape watercolor and part of the Horizon series.

Glacier Lake Watercolor

Glacier Lake abstract landscape watercolor
Second watercolor in the looser style Horizon series. This time I added white acrylic ink.

Misty Mountain Pass

Misty Mountain Pass abstract landscape watercolor
Misty Mountain Pass abstract landscape watercolor. I'm experimenting with an even looser style and having fun playing with color.

Gem Show in Puyallup, WA

I haven’t been to a gem show in many years, so when I received a notice of a show in Puyallup (pronounced pyoo·a·luhp), a town an hour south of me, I thought taking a drive and seeing some gems and…

Positive Flow Watercolor

Positive Flow watercolor
If colors could represent joy, these are mine right now. I made this painting for a new project. I'm making a mobile with small wood pieces adhered to watercolor and this design is intended for that, so stay tuned if that interests you.

Tiffany Stone Watercolor

Tiffany Stone watercolor
Although this painting doesn’t look like my Tiffany stone (last pic), this color combination always makes me think of it. It’s a beautiful stone.

Worlds Within Worlds Watercolor

This was an interesting painting to do. I wasn’t sure where it was going and vacillate between seeing multidimensional otherworldly spaces and a big dinosaur egg–go figure.

Lenten Rose in Bloom

I know spring is here when the Lenten Rose, or Hellebore, is in bloom. The unique varieties astound me with all of their delicate and beautiful characteristics. Today, I collected blooms and assembled them in a bowl—just beautiful.