Promise watercolor paintintg
Promise--small experimental piece for the Horizon series. Trying out a different format for the clouds and hills.

Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds watercolor painting
Above the Clouds—a new twist in the Horizon series with a view above the clouds. I love the soft palette of grays and soft yellow with touches of gold.

Sun Moon Stars

Sun Moon Stars watercoor painting
Sun Moon Stars--Another addition to the Horizon series. So nice to be painting again after being busy with other things :-)

Sea Shells Watercolor

Sea Shells Watercolor
This is an experimental painting of semi-abstract shells on a beach—fun to do and I love the subtle mix of colors in the shells

Streams Watercolor Pattern

Seafoam Streams on White Watercolor Pattern

Adding to my Coastal pattern collection, I’ve created another series of variegated stripes, this time they are are overlaid to create a streaming effect with lots of organic variation.

Snow & Ice

Fluctuating temperatures left icicles on gutters and foliage that sparkled when the sun came out.

The Snow Came

The snow came while I was out of town and temperatures dipped down into the 20s, which is unusual here. Fluctuating temperatures left icicles on gutters and foliage that sparkled when the sun came out. I caught bunny tracks in…

Airplane Views

On the way home from my holiday (San Jose, CA), I captured some pretty spectacular images from the plane. Looking out above the clouds has always fascinated me, but this time the views were pretty special.

Watercolor Ornaments

I recently experimented with creating watercolor ornaments. This is the first sample design and I'm looking forward to creating more elaborate pieces.

Pacifica, CA

To round out my recent coastal excursion, my mom and I drove to Pacifica, California for a fun day of exploration. Here are a few photos of the coast with a beautiful golden light on the horizon.

Carmel River Beach Sunset

After exploring tide pools near Asilomar, my friend and I headed to Carmel River Beach to catch the sunset and we thought we might miss the light, but it was absolutely glorious.

Monterey Coast Tide Pools

On my recent holiday trip to the San Francisco Bay Area, I took a day trip to the coast with a dear friend. We stopped at various beaches near Asilomar in Monterey and explored the lively tide pools, filled with…