Cradle Abstract Watercolor

Cradle abstract watercolor painting
Cradle abstract watercolor. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope you’re having a special day with special people.

Holiday Poinsettia Bouquet Watercolor

Poinsettia Bouquet Holiday Watercolor
Holiday Poinsettia Bouquet Watercolor--another addition to my recent holiday watercolor collection—Available on Society 6

Holiday Wreath Watercolor Collection

Poinsettia Wreath Watercolor Holiday Pattern Collection
This pattern collection includes a watercolor wreath with poinsettias and gold details and five seamless repeating patterns. All of these designs are available in my Society 6 shop, Poezy ( Find holiday cards, wrapping paper, gifts, and decor.

Holiday Wreath Watercolor

Holiday Wreath watercolor design
Holiday Wreath watercolor with gold highlights--I created this design for my Christmas cards this year, based on a similar design I did last year. This time, I painted the elements of the wreath separately then assembled them digitally. It was a new process for me, but it gave me the opportunity to improve on the design. It's now available in my Society 6 shop - Poezy (link below)

Ocean Stitches Watercolor

Ocean Stitches abstract watercolor and ink
Ocean Stitches--whimsical abstract watercolor and ink landscape (continuing the Stitches theme!)

Dawn Stitches Watercolor

Dawn Stitches abstract watercolor landscape
Dawn Stitches abstract watercolor landscape with custom-mixed ink details. I've had this concept in my mind for a long time (about a year!), and although it's very simple, it's taken some experimenting for it to start coming together. I like this soft view like looking past vast rolling hills toward the sun.

New Life Abstract

New Life abstract watercolor painting
New Life abstract watercolor with gold highlights. I enjoy doing abstracts, but I find maintaining enough simplicity to be a challenge--keep experimenting, learning, evolving!

Indigo Paw Prints

Indigo Paw Prints watercolor pattern
A good friend of mine requested a design with paw prints that could be printed on a placemat so I came up with this design. It’s now available on Society 6 ( .