Worlds Within Worlds Watercolor

This was an interesting painting to do. I wasn’t sure where it was going and vacillate between seeing multidimensional otherworldly spaces and a big dinosaur egg–go figure.

Lenten Rose in Bloom

I know spring is here when the Lenten Rose, or Hellebore, is in bloom. The unique varieties astound me with all of their delicate and beautiful characteristics. Today, I collected blooms and assembled them in a bowl—just beautiful.

Starting Flower Seeds

This year I’m starting seeds indoors for the garden. I got a wide variety of perennials and annuals for sun and shade. I’ve only grown plants from seeds a couple times, so I’m eager to see what happens with so…

Sediment Watercolor

Sediment watercolor—this one makes me think of the flow of shallow water, like in a stream connecting to the sea

Porthole Watercolor

Porthole Watercolor
Porthole watercolor--this one evolved unexpectedly, changing between a few styles I've done in the past and incorporating different elements from each of them

Bubbles Pattern Colorways

Bubbles Watercolor Pattern in Undersea
Adding to the Seashell Pattern series with color overlays in Underwater, Amphibian, Sand, Olive Gold, and Ultraviolet

Seashell Pattern Colorways

Seashell Watercolor Pattern in Sunset
Adding to the Seashell Pattern series with rich color overlays in Sunset, Teal, Moss, Golden, Marine, Indigo and Stone.

Seashell Pattern Series

Seashell Watercolor Pattern in Seagrass
Adding to the Seashell Pattern series, pale colored backgrounds give the seashell pattern a different feel in white, beige, aqua, and pale green.