Pink & Orange Dots

Pink & Orange Dots--watercolor and embroidery
Pink & Orange Dots--watercolor and embroidery on cold press watercolor paper

Aqua & Violet Dots

Watercolor dots art and embroidery
Aqua & Violet Dots watercolor and embroidery. Having more fun selecting colors combinations and finding the right yarn to match to each dot.

Dispersion Dots Watercolor & Embroidery

Watercolor dots with embroidery accents
Watercolor dots showing pigment dispersion with matching embroidery accents. I love the simplicity, cheerful mix of colors, and subtle 3D detail.

Ethereal Blue Pillars Watercolor

Deep blue abstract watercolor painting
Ethereal Blue Pillars abstract watercolor painting--I love this particular very deep blue pigment (Anthraquinone Blue by M. Graham), so I'm having fun experimenting with different effects