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Aveiro, Portugal

Aveiro, about two and a half hours drive north of Lisbon, is Xana’s home town. It is also home to Xana’s sister and parents. Aveiro is sometimes referred to as the ‘Vienna of Portugal’ because of it’s canals in the…

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Carmo Ruins, Lisbon

We picked friends up at the Lisbon train station, a well kept building with a beautifully ornate facade. Then we walked around town, exploring the views and buildings. The cobblestone streets and tile buildings are characteristic architectural elements throughout Portugal.…

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Sintra, Portugal

Sintra, a quaint town about a half hour northwest of Lisbon, emanates storybook romance. Surprisingly, this diminutive township boasts two royal palaces and Moorish castle ruins. Shops and restaurants bear an authentic warmth, with nicely tended flowers flanking open doorways…

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