1. Hi David, wait til you see the pics from France! The countryside is amazing!!! I’m still two countries behind though. I’m trying to add them in order, but I’ve got some catching up to do :-) I hope all is well!

  2. Portugal seems very nice. Get some pictures of yourself in it too! For mom..ask Mark to take your pictures :) Miss you…Come home soon..I know you don’t want to come home.


  3. The pastries have a thin flaky shell, usually in the shape of fish or seashells with a firm custardy filling that is fairly sweet. Tell Allan to look up ‘ovos moles,’ the traditional name. The inside is a very bright yellow because their eggs have bright deep yellow yolks. It’s not food coloring!

    I will try to be in more photos! Hugs to you and everyone at home!

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