Palace of Pena, Sintra

The Palace of Pena was built in the 19th century by Fernando of Saxe-Coburg, consort of Queen Maria II. It is described as an ‘exuberant creation’ and ‘the most striking example of Romantic architecture in Portugal,’ according to Parques de Sintra. Wikipedia notes that it ‘has a profusion of styles much in accordance with the exotic taste of the Romanticism,’ and that ‘the intentional mixture of eclectic styles includes the Neo-Gothic, Neo-Manueline, Islamic and Neo-Renaissance.’ It’s exterior is vibrant, colorful and whimsical, it’s interior rich and ornate (photos of the interior are not allowed, sorry!). The palace was fun to explore, with winding walkways offering interesting perspectives inside and out as well as bizarre gargoyles and elaborate carvings. Like it’s neighbor, the Moorish castle, Pena’s views are stunning from many angles.


  1. Dear Anne,

    I have been considering the purchase of a Moorish Castle for some time to use as a summer home. Please express my interest in acquiring this property.

    PS: I would like to have the staff stay on full-time to maintain the property, but they must all start taking dance lessons to entertain my guests.

    Your brother,


  2. I’m glad that you’ve got such great weather. The pictures are breathtaking!! Enjoy your time and looking forward to more pics.

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