Baby Bunny Update

(Note: Some nest images and info are repeated from a previous post)

I recently stumbled across a cottontail bunny nest in my backyard. Although I’m used to seeing cottontails skitter through in the spring and summer, this is the first time I’ve uncovered a nest of kit. I learned that baby bunnies are called kittens, some referred to as rabbit kittens or kit to differentiate from cats.

I checked on the nest a few days after I first discovered it and the babies were still in there wiggling around at my sudden presence. From what I could see, it looked like there were four babies.

After another few days, I checked again and the nest was empty. Then, a couple days later, I saw mamma bunny with her kits. They were running after her in the backyard, then she stopped to nurse them. I got a video of the moment and it’s cute to see them digging under momma, one of them upside down, little feet wiggling in the air. It’s not the highest quality video, but I’m happy to have captured a unique moment.

I also caught a couple clips of a youngster nibbling in the yard. I’m not sure if this one is older or a part of the same nest. As I’m next to a ravine, it’s not uncommon for me to see juveniles in the spring.

I’ve come to expect the bunnies every year, yet it’s always a delight to see them. Finding a nest and seeing a nursing mother was an extra special treat.

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