African Violet Cuttings Update

Just after my cat passed away last fall, I repotted all of my houseplants as a sort of soothing exercise while processing his death. It did wonders. My cat Nicholas had a habit of treating some of the houseplants as his personal buffet, especially my violets. Between his chomping and my occasional neglect, they weren’t in good shape.

Here are photos from my repotting project (5 months ago).

When I repotted my violets, I took a few cuttings and added them to their own small pot. I am happy to report that all of the plants look fantastic and a couple of them have flowered.

The most exciting news is the cuttings have rooted and one of them is sprouting baby leaves. I knew the cuttings had taken root when I tugged on them and none gave way. They wanted to stay put and the fleshy leaves looked good on all three cuttings. It’s been about five months now, and noticing the baby leaves sprout up from one was an extra special moment.

If you’d like to read my post on processing the passing of my cat Nicholas, you can read Bereavement & Optimism.

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