Fickle Weather, Coyote & Poppy Seeds

The last few days have brought uncommon variety in the weather. We’ve had off-and-on rain for weeks. Then, a few days ago, I woke up to a thick fog.

Yesterday morning it hailed, the small ice pebbles clicking away on the roof. It came and went quickly, then it was calm and quiet for a while. The hailed returned after a bit, thinly coating the ground with tiny white balls of ice.

In the afternoon, a coyote visited the backyard—unusual since I’ve only ever seen them outside the fence.

It found the small space under the fence that the wild rabbits squeeze through. The hole must be bigger now. It sniffed around for a while then left the way it came.

I believe circumstances like animal sightings can bring spiritual messages if you pay attention so I looked up the coyote totem and I have to say it was so apropos it made me laugh. A to Z Animals’ website says, “The coyote spirit animal represents survival, adaptability, tenacity, resourcefulness, and cleverness. If you feel down or like you’re over your head, the coyote spirit guide can show you how to get back on your feet. Coyote energy is all about tapping into who you really are.” This hit home because I’ve been working through a career change and it’s been feeling a bit tenuous of late. It’s a good reminder to keep at it and remember to center myself so I can make decisions that align with what’s most important to me instead of getting pulled in directions that don’t serve my highest interest. Thank you, coyote.

Later in the day, it snowed for about a half an hour then cleared to patches to blue sky. What an unusual day.

In the spirit of the coyote visit, you could also say the weather is an appropriate representation of my discordant thoughts over the past few days, batting between foggy, discordant, calm, chaotic and calm again. It makes me laugh to think about it.

It apparently snowed overnight because I woke this morning to a thin coating of fresh, fluffy snow and relatively blue skies. While scouting around, I noticed the recent blooming hellebores and cyclamen showcasing elegant and vibrant colors.

I remember reading somewhere that poppy seeds need low temperatures to germinate and that tossing them out in the snow is a good idea. Last fall I collected a handful of poppy seed heads so I decided to cast the seeds and see what happens this year. I ended up with a generous pile of seeds. I picked a large area that gets a decent amount of sun right in the front. We’ll see if they take.

Returning to symbolism, casting seeds is an obvious metaphor. obviously, I’m wondering if the work I’m doing now in regards to my career shift will take like seeds sprouting in spring or summer. These metaphors can turn into a rabbit hole. Ha! And we’re back to the rabbit hole that the coyote found. What could that mean I wonder. I’ll leave it at that. You and I both can ponder that one.

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