Custom Paint Mixes

I created new watercolor paint mixes with the browns and purples I’ve been experimenting with and put them in a mini palette

After extensive mixing, I narrowed down the combinations I wanted to focus on and ended up with 4 new custom mixes.

  • Mink— a mixture of Sepia (Daniel Smith) and Quinacridone Purple Violet (Van Gogh)
  • Grenache–mix of Raw Umber (Holbein) and Quinacridone Purple Violet (Van Gogh)
  • Copper–mix of Raw Umber (Holbein) and Helios Purple (Sennelier)
  • Mahogany–mix of Warm Sepia (Jackson’s) and Helios Purple (Sennelier)

Below is the sheet I used to fine tune the mixes.

I created a small palette with these mixes along with a couple other paints.

  • Raw Umber, Holbein–I wanted to have a contrasting color and be able to warm up the mixes
  • Napthamide Maroon, Daniel Smith–this paint has an amazing value range and is a very pretty clear pink when diluted
Custom mix watercolor paint mini palette

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