Town of Dartmouth

The town of Dartmouth rests on a hillside facing Kingswear, another quaint town across the River Dart. It boasts a castle and the 1905 Britannia Royal Naval College. It’s colorful buildings paint the hillside and extend past turquoise coves for an enjoyable walk overlooking the river to the castle.

I walked a mile or so to the castle and church at the mouth of the river. It was overcast when I set out and rained a bit, but the sun soon came out and I enjoyed another uncommonly glorious day in Devon.

The castle, a fortress originally built in 1388, guards the Dart Estuary and looks toward the English Channel.

Next to the castle is St. Petroc’s church.

After walking back to town, I indulged in a cream brûlée ice cream cone with a dollop of clotted cream on top — very decadent (Though I enjoyed it, I couldn’t eat all of it!).


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