Dartmouth Excursion — Riverboat, Steam Railway and Coach

I trevelled to Totnes again yesterday to embark on a day trip to the quaint coastal town of Dartmouth. The round trip includes a leisurely riverboat cruise along Dart River to the town of Dartmouth, a speed train along the coast to Paignton, and a coach ride back to Totnes through the countryside.

Our boat, the Cardiff Castle, snaked along the River Dart toward the coast through lush rolling green hills, small picturesque towns nestled along the waterway, and through a smattering of sailboats, sculling vessels, and canoes.

The town of Dartmouth sits at the mouth of the River Dart, hence the name. It boasts a castle and royal naval college, and provides some lovely shops and restaurants to wile away the afternoon. See my post on the Town of Dartmouth for more photos.

After exploring the town, I crossed the river by passenger ferry to Kingswear and boarded the Dartmouth Steam Railway for a trip along the coast to Paignton. Besides attractive coastal views and beaches, I caught sight of a cricket match near town.

I looped back to Totnes by coach through the same green rolling hills characteristic of the area.

I don’t think I need to explain to you it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Also, don’t forget the more detailed post on the Town of Dartmouth.

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