Conker is a shop in Totnes that sells handmade leather shoes in a myriad of colors. After poking around a bit, I decided I needed to have a pair of two-toned pink boots! Oh yes, light pink and magenta! Then I decided I also needed a pair of rose colored flats, very simple slip-ons with a strap at the ankle. I spent a lot of time getting personally fitted and deciding on all of the details since they offer so many options. It was great fun and the shop keepers were really nice. To get an idea of what I’m getting, look for the two-toned red boots and the close-up of the pink leather strips. I will have this combination. Then find the midnight blue slip-on with the strap. I will receive this style in a pretty rose color, shown in the next picture (rose colored shoes in front of the blue one).

It will take a few weeks to make them and I ought to receive them in about a month. I can’t wait. Pink boots!!! Yay!


  1. Anne shopping for shoes?! Somehow I can see Susanne doing this, but Anne? Can’t wait to see these handmade shoes – just for you!

  2. Yep, can you believe it? Actually Vanette, I enjoy shopping when I find unique and interesting stuff that fits me and my sensibilities. I’m pretty sure I have sensibilities.

    Dave, I like those too. Even considered getting them. Well, they have my fitting specifications. See, I have specifications too. Sensibilities and specifications, neat.

  3. I glanced at the shoes again, and you can order me the green one’s that Dave likes. Those are my favourite too!

    My feet are just a wee bit wider than yours but basically the same size.

    Oh, and thank you in advance for such fine shoes. (hee-hee)

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