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Autumn Chill & Trees

Autumn has descended and the leaves have been turning for weeks now. The rainy season is picking up and temperatures are dropping. It’s in the 50s now. Chilly and crisp, and when the sun is out it’s strikingly beautiful. I…

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Rosa Rugosa & Sedum Cuttings

I added cuttings to my makeshift plant nursery today, specifically a white rugosa rose and autumn joy sedum. Autumn is a great time of year to take cuttings, allowing their root systems to develop over the winter in preparation for…

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Holiday Lights!

Christmas lights

With Christmas lights and a few sparkly ornaments in my living room windows, I now feel ready for the holidays. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any other holiday you may be celebrating! This is my favorite…

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Fall Color

Temperatures have dropped and with it the leaves, and fall colors have made an appearance. This pretty begonia is still blooming away and will likely continue until the frost gets it.

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