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Eddies Watercolor Pattern

Eddies Watercolor Pattern in White
I created a pattern from the Eddies watercolor I recently made. I created 5 different colorways. It's quite different from the original painting--less dense--but it was much easier to create a seamless pattern in this style.
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Dunes Pattern

Dunes Pattern - Cream
Dunes--a new pattern series based on one of my sea lion watercolors. A subtle, yet graphic seamless pattern in watercolor and ink, digitally finished in five colorways—cream, sable, violet, green, and aqua.
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Seamless ‘Rolling Waves’ Pattern

Aqua Waves Watercolor Pattern

I printed this wave pattern then started tweaking the colors after I digitized it and came up with some striking options. The original is multicolored on a white background. Then I added an cream background with softer colors. Then modified…

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