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Snow & Sunshine

It snowed through the night—a peaceful night, thankfully—and I woke to big fluffy snowflakes descending. Then the sun came out and made everything sparkle.

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Snow Scene Art

Since the snow came so early this year, it brought down some of the fall leaves and made this pretty scene. I particularly love the yellow-greens mixed with the pale grays of slushy snow. Here are more pictures around the…

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Snow Debris

Although the snow came down in a light dust yesterday, it persisted, accumulating as the hours of the day passed. Temperatures fluctuated above and below freezing, which caused the snow to melt and freeze again, becoming wet and heavy. This…

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First Snow of the Season

A very delicate and persistent snowfall started just after 8 o’clock this morning. As usual, it comes with a quieter, more peaceful atmosphere since people tend to stay in. It’s a bit early for the first snow of the season…

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Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds watercolor painting
Above the Clouds—a new twist in the Horizon series with a view above the clouds. I love the soft palette of grays and soft yellow with touches of gold.
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