My vermin found a home! What is a vermin you ask? Well, it’s a 4-inch ceramic figure created as part of a worldwide art installation by Jamie Burmeister …and I get to participate!

I received my personal vermin as a gift from my aunt and the poor thing has been sitting in a box for over a year, maybe two. The idea is that the owner is responsible for finding a home for the vermin in a public place, then submitting images to the website so others can see where he is.

When I decided to embark on the cross country trip with my good pal Susanne, I realized it was the perfect opportunity to bring him along and find a home for him. His new home is located in the most photographed location in West Virginia (or so I’m told), the Grist Mill in Babcock Sate Park.

I perched him on a rock downstream so I could photograph him with the old mill in the background. I think he looked a bit downcast in general, but when I placed him in the large rock in this beautiful state park, I can’t quite be sure, but I think he perked up.

If you have a chance, please go and visit him. If you do find him, I’d love to know about it. If you go but don’t see him, he’s likely off hiking.