1. Nice pictures. I feel that I am with you in your trip. Happy Memorial Day. Miss you at the BBQ. You don’t want to know what your brother will bake for today :P

  2. Wow, seriously beautiful pictures! What a treat to see your photos too! Consider blowing up the tree picture for my birthday..:) it’s coming up!

  3. Amazingly beautiful photos. I agree with Landy, feel as if I am with you. Looking at these photos, I get a definate sense of multiple dimensions of time! I see a blend of modern with other-worldly entities strolling about, on the same walkways. Love it!

  4. Landy, I’m sorry I missed the BBQ too. Happy belated Memorial Day to you! We’ll get together when I return. I’m glad you’re enjoying the photos. Tell everyone I said hi!

    Debbie, I will give you whatever photos you want since I’m so incredibly flattered about it in the first place! Lots of love :o)

    Vanette, Cambridge, as well as many other places I have visited have an otherworldly feel, either that of past eras or of the fairy realm. I visited a castle today that dates back to the Saxons. Glad you’re enjoying it with me.

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