Day Trip to Cambridge (1)

It’s peppermint tea this evening at Cafe de Pierre, a couple blocks from my hotel. A screaming bus of tourists just whizzed by the cafe. Seriously, loads of people on the open top level of a red double decker literally screaming joyfully as the bus cruised down Picadilly street. Everyone in the cafe stopped to look then looked at each other and laughed.

Today I spent the day in Cambridge. A relaxing 45 minute train north delivered me there. This was the first rainy day I had since my arrival, giving me a more authentic experience of England. I found the maze of town streets around old buildings, parks and waterways enchanting. I took a tour bus into town, walked around the shops and buildings, enjoyed a traditional Cornish pasty (yummy!), which was nice on such a wet and chilly day, and went punting on the river Cam. Aparently, the name Cambridge originated from the first bridge over the river Cam, the Cam bridge. I won’t add a lot of narrative today and let the images speak for themselves. Enjoy!


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