Recently, I’ve been working on a series of topography style watercolor paintings. I’ve enjoyed this so much, I created a specialized palette for it. It consists of teals, greens, off-white (ecru) and muted orange. I have yet to use the orange, meant for indicating higher elevations, but the rest is working really well. It’s a beautiful collection of colors regardless of topic.


Terrain watercolor palette swatches

Color Selections

  • Buff Titanium, Roman Szmal Aquarius
  • Quinacridone Burnt Sienna, Roman Szmal Aquarius
  • Green Earth, Roman Szmal Aquarius
  • Hooker’s Green, Roman Szmal Aquarius
  • Chromium Green Oxide, Schmincke
  • Olive Green, Schmincke
  • Phthalo. Green (blue shade), Roman Szmal Aquarius
  • Transparent Turquoise, Roman Szmal Aquarius

Below is the palette swatch card and color reference on the opposite side.

Topography watercolor palette
Terrain watercolor palette reference card

Here are some paintings from the Topography series.

Topography watercolor and ink art
Topography watercolor and ink art

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