I just received my new A Gallo Signature 2 palette and a series of watercolor brushes. The packaging, as always, is very special and feels like receiving a birthday gift.

It’s fun to assemble and swatch out a new palette, especially when the colors are so unique. The palette came with a mop travel brush, size 6.

It’s stunning palette with an intriguing mix of mostly vibrant colors. It includes a some Quinacridones, a Phthalo. blue mix (Azzurro), Lemon Yellow, and a very punchy Hansa Yellow (Hokkaido Orange). The Forest Green is deep and rich. Medici Red is a bright warm red with peach undertones. The Deep Sea Green is a nice muted aqua color though mine is hard to activate and a bit streaky (not uncommon with the viridian pigment). YInMn Blue is of course the new kid on the block (newly discovered pigment) and not easy to come by. It’s also likely the reason for the higher price tag on this particular palette. It’s less vibrant than I’d expected based on videos I’ve seen, but it’s deep and very granulating. The Periwinkle is a very pleasing violet-leaning pale blue and the Chromite Brown is a mid-range earth tone with interesting granulation. Over all, a beautiful palette with a nice mix of colors. Reminds me a bit of the 70s, which is a nice memory.

  • Quinacridone Violet (PV55)
  • Alizarin Crimson Hue (PR177, PR144, PV19)
  • Medici Red (PR168)
  • Hokkaido Orange (PY216)
  • Quinacridone Gold (PY150, PO48)
  • Lemon Yellow Permanent (PY184)
  • Forest Green (PG7, PBk7, PY43)
  • Deep Sea Green (PG18, PB29)
  • Azzurro (PB15:3, PB29)
  • YInMn Blue (PB86)
  • Periwinkle (PB15:1, PW6, PB29, PR122)
  • Chromite Brown (FeCr204, PBr8)

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