Autumn Chill & Trees

Autumn has descended and the leaves have been turning for weeks now. The rainy season is picking up and temperatures are dropping. It’s in the 50s now. Chilly and crisp, and when the sun is out it’s strikingly beautiful.

I wanted to record the view of the trees since many of them may not be here next year. The property behind and beside me is being developed and many of the trees will go. On a positive note, I will always have the trees on three sides of my property and a couple very large big leaf maples in the back. I have added some smaller maples to the back close to the house to provide some privacy and I plan to add evergreens closer to the property line for better coverage.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the trees, the sunlight coming through, the changing leaves and everything that comes with the tree line while I have it. Wouldn’t it be a waste otherwise.

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