Hope Valley, California

Hope Valley, approximately 35 minutes south of Lake Tahoe, is a beautiful gem tucked in the Sierra Mountains. This is the first time I have gone snowshoeing, which is great fun. The quiet brisk air and the vibrance of the sun bouncing off the pristine snow is exhilarating. Occasionally, we’d catch sight of birds, deer or rabbits. If you plan to visit, I recommend Sorensen’s. Their quaint cabins are comfortable and fit the atmosphere to a tee.


  1. Hello Anne ~

    I love your blog here on WordPress and so am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award!!

    Congrats and Enjoy! You do have an exceptional site ~ and I so enjoy your work and insights!


    • Carla! How did I miss your lovely note?!? I haven’t been doing much on here in a while and I’ve got a backlog of pictures and travel experiences to share. I’m working on adding more content now, so there ought to be more in the next day or two. Hopefully, I’ll get back in the swing of regular posts. So good to hear from you. I will check out your blog. And thank you for the compliments :D Much love

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