Greetings from Great Britain!

I have arrived in London running on very little sleep. My iPad is telling me it is 4:44 am at home. (Yes, Vanette, my angels are with me! Love it!) Is that the right time? It’s hard to ascertain since I’m very close to sleepwalking at the moment. First impressions? Well, for beginners, people talk funny here. It’s a typically gray London day, though a bit cooler than I expected. I rode into town from Heathrow airport on the The London Underground (the subway). It took about half an hour and then a short walk to my hotel, The Cavendish on Jermyn Street. The ride in consisted of a very Mary Poppinsesque view of rooftops, along with chimneys and a plethora of antennas and the constant reminder to “Mind the gap.” Now that I’ve dropped my luggage off, I plan on being a bit of a tourist and exploring the area with my camera. More later! Love to everyone at home.

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