After exploring the general area around my hotel and visiting a bookstore, I was fading fast. But a latte and a shower (once I was able to check into my hotel room around 3pm) helped me feel refreshed and I struck out on the town again. I was likely tapping into my normal wakeful rhythm as well by that time. Hopefully I will sleep well tonight and manage the new timezone okay. I explored a 15-block radius around my hotel which includes quaint parks, the largest bookstore in London (5 stories!), the Thames, and Big Ben.

Coincidentally, I happened on an event called Trooping the Colour, also known as The Queen’s Birthday Parade. The infantry marched along St. James Park to Buckingham Palace.

After the procession, I strolled through the nearby parks.

Then I continued my wanderings around the Thames River and Trafalgar Square.

To my surprise, there are red double-decker buses and red telephone booths everywhere! I am definitely in a strange place. So many accents, so many languages and so many smokers!

I’m now relaxing in the bar of my hotel with a glass of Shiraz. It’s after 9 in the evening and I’m very pleased with myself for staying up all day! Except for a couple short naps I haven’t been to sleep since yesterday. Tomorrow I think I will hit up the library in search of information on GM conferences, protests and public opinion. Then I might go for a boat cruise along the Thames and a ride in the London Eye for broader views of the city. Best wishes from London.


  1. Funny thing was that when I honed in on your energy I “felt” that you were in the hotel bar having a drink, but didn’t get Shiraz! Then again, didn’t try to get it either. Was just checking in to “see” that you were alright. To Dave’s comment…Anne has great will-power, then again, she is drinking, hmmmm?!

  2. Actually the drink was to insure I went to sleep, but it was a very nice Shiraz. Vanette, you would have loved it. I’ll get the name and maybe we can get a hold of one. Thanks for your thoughts. It’s nice to connect with you guys. I feel a teensy weentsy bit of homesickness :o) Love you all!

  3. Morning coffee, morning envy–and Anne B’s journal. Perfect!
    It’s fun to enjoy it through your eyes.
    Miss you too!

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