Lunch in Limeuil

A group of us met for lunch at Au Bon Accueil in Limeuil. Limeuil is an old town that sits at the confluence of the Dordogne and Vézère rivers. We strolled through town to the restaurant and sat on the patio under a thick green canopy.

Salade aux cabécous chauds is a specialty of the Perigord region and is now a favorite dish of mine. Always with fresh greens, walnuts, tomatoes and a light vinaigrette, it is topped with toast with a special goat cheese on top called cabécou. Often the cheese is toasted and half melted on top of the toast and drizzled with honey. It is absolutely delicious. For my main dish, I had baccalau. It is actually the national dish of Portugal. It has cod and cheese and, in this case, zucchini. It often has potato. Sometimes it is very rich since it is made with cream, but this one was fairly light. I don’t remember the name of our cherry-laden dessert, but it’s slightly boozy and very delicious!

After lunch, we walked to the park on the other side of the small town overlooking the river.

There’s a bench under a shady canopy of grape vines with an expansive view of the junction of the Dordogne and Vézère rivers.


  1. “Slightly boozy and very delicious!” nice combo =0). Anne your shots are simple fabulous, making me hungry and longing for a cat nap under neath that big beautiful, weepy tree. Momma Mia!

    For this website “journal” page do you have a FaceBook link so I can share (if you don’t mind) with my traveling friends?

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