More May Blooms

There’s so much going on in the garden, I’m adding these pics to the previous post. The front yard is looking lush and full, especially compared to previous years.

The backyard is full of color and blooming things. Below, you’ll see foxglove, doublefile viburnum, Shasta daisies, and cinnamon heuchera, to name a few.

The David Austen rose, with it’s pale peach tones, is in full bloom.

Astrantia, or masterwort, is an all-time favorite. It’s small intricate blossoms look like exploding fireworks of delicate color and pattern. The bunnies like to nibble on these, but I have found ways of saving blooms to enjoy myself by surrounding them with scented plants the bunnies tend to avoid. I have a hardy geranium that works well, especially because it’s prolific but the roots are shallow and don’t impinge on the astrantia.

The last one I’ll mention here is a peony. In contrast to my white tree peony mention in the last post, this one is a pale pink with subtle deeper pink stripes on some petals.

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