Surrounded by Trees

The best feature of my home is it’s surrounded by trees. Every window looks out into greenery. It’s surprising to me this wasn’t wholly apparent in the listing, especially the picturesque living room views. It’s one of my favorite features overall. It is possible they excluded these photos from the listing because the maples, the predominant trees around the property, would have been somewhat bare at the time of the first listing, months before I saw the house. Roughly two thirds are big leaf maples, and the other third consists of various conifers.

The living room, standing over the ravine, looks directly into the trees–one of my favorite views in the house.

Here is a closer view of the trees seen from the living room.

A step up from the living room is the formal dining area with a nice view of the backyard.

Here’s the sliding door in the family room, next to the kitchen.

The courtyard at the center of the house also has views of the towering trees if you glance upward.

Even the side yard is pretty, often letting in dappled light, and provides a nice views for some of the bedrooms. Eventually, I’d like to add sliding glass doors to these rooms and maybe add a garden set for enjoying the small garden area.

Nicholas likes to look outside too. He jumps up to the window whenever there’s bird activity, and often lounges in his cat tree, taking in whatever is going on outside.

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