My New Home

My new home is a 1969 ranch house, architected by the original owner. It sits on almost an acre of bigleaf maples and evergreens that tower above the house. It sits back on the property and over a small ravine, providing beautiful views and lots of privacy. The design of the house has a timeless simplicity and some unique characteristics, like an attractive front walk, a lovely courtyard and an impressionable raw black rock fireplace (basalt, I think).

The layout is thoughtful–with a comfortable flow, nice sized rooms, and lovely views. In fact, every room has a view of the surrounding trees and nice, large windows.

There’s a courtyard at the center with a slatted wood fence, facing the front walkway. The trees peek through the slatted fence and if you look up, any direction will reward you with another view of the towering trees surrounding the house.

There’s also a large shop in the garage, a bonus room above the garage (sort of a DIY job), and a unique standalone structure in the driveway.

The photos included are all from the house listing. For some very interesting additional tidbits on the house and some of my own photos, see these posts: Surrounded by Trees, Alderwood Manor, and Victorian Structure.

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