I have arrived in Australia, Straya, Oz, the land down under–land of many nicknames. I crossed both the equator and the international date line to get here, travelled well over 16 hours, and lost a day to boot–so yeah, I’m a little way from home. With 3 1/2 weeks of work and play, I’ll have plenty of time to accumulate stories and photos to share with you.

As April begins, the summer is coming to a close–or so I’m told. The heat and humidity is kicking my butt! I’m not the most energetic in warm climes and the humidity intensifies the current heat (mid to high 80s F). On the other hand, this is one of the most beautiful and friendliest places I’ve ever visited, and I’m having a blast, so I won’t be resting on my laurels. I’m driving on the opposite side of the road (more on that later), I’m surrounded by Australian and international accents, and I’m absolutely in awe of the spectacular beauty. I wasn’t expecting the dry dusty outback, as Brisbane sits on the coast, but I was definitely not expecting the lush tropical landscape and cockatoos flying overhead at the city park.

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