Speed Train to Devon

I’m on a train, heading to Totnes–a small town in southern Devon, near the coast. From there, I’ll take a 15 minute ride on the local steam train to Buckfastleigh, where I’ll be staying at a B&B for the next 6 days. The train rides seem to be the most relaxing part of my trip. I decided on a First Class ticket since I read that the standard seats were a bit cramped and I’m enjoying being able to spread out with my notebook, postcards and iPad. It’s been lightly raining on and off and the temperature is mild. As I watch the English countryside roll by, I can sense the energy of the place. The lush landscape and misty air has a softness to it. The rolling hills, still waterways with small houseboats, long stretches of green between towns, thatched roof cottages, farms with sheep and cattle, and small old churches appear quiet and restful. There’s something about this place that feels comfortable to me. The climate, the vegetation, even the brick buildings–though different from what I’m accustomed to–feel familiar, even homey. In the city, I felt a strong masculine presence. I remember thinking about it during the ride into town from the airport. In the countryside, there’s more of a feminine presence–or maybe just more balanced between masculine and feminine. The city is so compacted, but just step outside the city and everything is open and spread out. I’m just now reaching the coastline. I’ll be in Totnes in about an hour. Much love.


  1. Anne, I love “traveling with you”! Thanks for these gorgeous pictures. It’s so beautiful and I hope to go myself someday but am so enjoying seeing England through your eyes and lense.

  2. Thanks for traveling with me Debbie!

    Vanette, in Buckfastleigh I am staying at Kilbury Manor B&B. In fact, I think you are the one who found it online when I was searching for the right place to stay. It’s perfect by the way, so thanks!

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