Washington Park Arboretum (part II)

After gathering ideas from the Winter Garden in Washington Park Arboretum (see Washington Park Arboretum, part I), I explored the rest of the park.

I found structural art in a few bare Japanese Maples and a very peaceful reflective pond.

I meandered through a series of paths enjoying woodland plants, some flanked in moss.

I arrived at a little park area with a pond and spotted an interpretive shelter up the hill.

The interpretive shelter provided a great vantage point, especially on such a clear day.

I found some blooming camellias and another view after that.

Another view and interpretive station followed, landing me at the opposite end of the park from the entrance.

I headed back toward my car along another path, completing a 3-mile loop and a couple hours of exploration.

I plan to return for the rhododendron blooming season and the maples in summer and fall.

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