Washington Park Arboretum (part I)

As I develop my gardens, one of my goals is to enhance their aspect during the cold months. With at least half of the property surrounded by maples, it can get pretty bare and drab. after learning about the winter garden at Washington Park Arboretum, I decided to check it out for some inspiration. Fortunately, it ended up being a beautifully sunny day for exploring this park setting.

The Winter Garden at Washington Park Arboretum features winter blooms, evergreens, and deciduous trees and shrubs with interesting bark.

Although not the peak time for show, the witch hazel still held some striking golden blossoms.

Beds of hellebores, on the other hand, were full of white, pale green and burgundy blossoms.

Eye catching Cyclamen coum showed off bright pink blossoms.

A variety of evergreen shrubs included glossy green sarcococca (which I have in my front walkway), bright green and yellow Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Variegatus’, striking red berries and dark green foliage of the Ruscus aculeatus, salal, spiky green foliage of Arthur Menzies, silk tassel bush, and rhododendrons not quite in bloom.

Some of the deciduous plants highlighted in the winter garden include fiery orange of Cornus sanguinea, a similar plant in yellow-green contrasting with black mondo grass, and trees with silvery bark or curly branches.

See the rest of my walk in Washington Park Arboretum (part II).


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