Foraging Birds

Can you spot the bird in the photo above? If not, don’t worry, you’re in good company. I noticed sporadic movement on the ground outside my window one afternoon, but couldn’t see what was causing it. It wasn’t like leaves rustling in the wind. Then, when I looked closer, I noticed a dozen or so busy little birds foraging around the back yard. They were tossing up leaves looking for insects I suspect. Here’s a video..

Foraging birds

Since I’m set in the trees, I see lots of birds. Occasionally, there’s a flurry of activity, with birds flying back and forth among the branches, or roosting under my eaves. Woodpeckers are common, especially piliated woodpeckers with bright red mohawks, or the less flashy northern flicker in muted browns with black flecks on it’s white chest. I often see them foraging up and down the tree trunks outside the living room window, and a couple times they’ve tried to make a nest of my chimney top.

I also saw an eagle fly over a few days ago, which was very cool.

When I first viewed the house, back in June, there were butterflies fluttering in and out of the trees behind the house. In August, when I first arrived after the purchase, I caught sight of little white bunnies crossing the foot of the drive (twice!). On another occasion, I saw a juvenile rat climbing around a bush outside my bedroom window. I’ve spotted other small fuzzy rodents darting between bushes in the back as well.

Neighbors have reporting sightings of coyote, foxes and deer, though I haven’t seen any myself. I do know I’m sharing this special place with others.

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