North Creek Trail—Mill Creek, WA

The North Creek Trail runs along side the Mill Creek Town Center. It’s a nice walk through dense trees and along side the creek as well as multiple duck ponds. The trees are so dense, you forget you’re right next…

Nicholas in the Garden

Nicholas taking a little romp through the garden, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Martha Lake, WA

When my mom came to visit at the end of May, we took a walk around Martha Lake. Its banks are lined with houses and a few docks. The docks are surrounded by thickets of trees along the shoreline and…

Cascades Sun Watercolor

Cascades Sun Watercolor
What a prominent sun! Another abstract landscape for the Horizon series. Watercolor, pigmented inks, and acrylic ink.

Color Forms Watercolor

Color Forms Watercolor
Color Forms—another playful, vibrant piece in watercolor, pigment inks, and acrylic ink

Flourish of Plumes

Flourish of Plumes watercolor
Another play-time piece in bright colors—watercolor, pigmented ink, and acrylic ink.

Burgundy Floral Watercolor

Burgundy Floral Watercolor
For a change of pace, I was just playing around with my paints and came up with a floral design. Burgundy Floral—watercolor and acrylic ink.

Summer Trail Watercolor

An addition to the Horizon series. Abstract landscape watercolor, pigmented inks, and acrylic ink.