Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky

Shaker Village is located near Harrodsburg, in the heart of Kentucky. It represents a step back in time, echoing the intriguing life of the Shakers, a community that thrived in the raw and uncertain 1800’s. Today, it’s a peaceful haven for vacationers, hobbits (oh, yes), and other group gatherings.

Surrounded by the green rolling hills characteristic of the Kentucky bluegrass region, 40 miles of trails, the Kentucky River, 13 restored historic buildings, an expansive garden and exhibits offering insight to the past of the Shaker community, there’s plenty to take in. Pair that with guided tours, delicious meals, a few very nice gift shops, and friendly staff, and you have plenty of ingredients for a lovely visit.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is a great little piece of Kentucky paradise and US heritage.

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