Odds and Ends

I’m heading home today. I will miss this place. Its been quite a wonder to experience. I wanted to post some photos–either particular favorites or ones that didn’t make it into previous entries. Enjoy! London Cambridge Kew Gardens Buckfastleigh Buckfast… Continue Reading →

Town of Dartmouth

The town of Dartmouth rests on a hillside facing Kingswear, another quaint town across the River Dart. It boasts a castle and the 1905 Britannia Royal Naval College. It’s colorful buildings paint the hillside and extend past turquoise coves for… Continue Reading →

Dartmouth Excursion — Riverboat, Steam Railway and Coach

I trevelled to Totnes again yesterday to embark on a day trip to the quaint coastal town of Dartmouth. The round trip includes a leisurely riverboat cruise along Dart River to the town of Dartmouth, a speed train along the… Continue Reading →

Dartington Hall

Dartington Hall, just outside the town of Totnes, was built in 1388 and has been running progressive arts programs since sometime around 1926. The buildings as well as the gardens are quite remarkable. I wish I’d had more time to… Continue Reading →

Walk to Dartington Hall

I arrived in Totnes by steam train again today. I went to the tourist information center to find out about a riverboat cruise to Dartmouth, a town near the coast. The timetables weren’t working in my favor so I decided… Continue Reading →

Buckfast Abbey

I visited Buckfast Abbey the day before yesterday. It is a living monastery located inside the Dartmoor National Park, just a 5 minute drive from the South Devon Railway. After its founding, nearly a thousand years ago, it closed for… Continue Reading →

Conker Shoes

Conker is a shop in Totnes that sells handmade leather shoes in a myriad of colors. After poking around a bit, I decided I needed to have a pair of two-toned pink boots! Oh yes, light pink and magenta! Then… Continue Reading →

Totnes Castle

Near the hilltop and to the right is a path to Totnes Castle dating back to the Saxons. It’s a round stone structure with a second level that allows you to walk around the perimeter atop the stone wall. It’s… Continue Reading →

Town of Totnes

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Totnes, a 15 minute train ride from Buckfastleigh and a 20 minute walk from the station. The walk to the town center is a beautifully wooded path along a river. The path connects to… Continue Reading →

Exploring Buckfastleigh

As I walked to the train station yesterday, most drivers that passed me on the lane smiled and waved, so did residents outside their homes–if they didn’t actually greet me with a Good morning. A man visiting from elsewhere in… Continue Reading →

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